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Ipevo NX180 Panoramic Conference Camera

Create a highly efficient and immersive meeting environment and bring teams together in an instant. IPEVO TOTEM 180 is a unique, portable conferencing camera, that can be instantly deployed in the meeting room where it's needed.
Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Ipevo Ipevo NX180 Panoramic Conference Camera NX-180 2000008

Product description:

The Ipevo Totem is a 180 degree panoramic camera designed for conferences and team meetings. The Totem incorporates the latest AI stage auto formatting to easily distinguish individuals and has two noise reducing microphones for optimum audio clarity. The camera is easily connected to your device via your input port and is compatible with all of the major meeting platforms.

Key features:

  • Video stitching technology - Capture the whole room via two 4 MP cameras that provide a seamlessly stitched 180° view, free of spatial distortion.
  • Two 4 MP Cameras - Premium quality cameras ensure clear, high quality visuals.
  • Adjustable angle of view - The camera is easily adjustable to whatever height is required to fit everybody into view.
  • Full room view - Designed for standard sized meeting rooms the camera can cover a 180° arc.
  • Small group view - The camera can also be adjusted to a 120° view for smaller groups..
  • AI stage auto framing - Auto framing distinguishes every individual and ensures that everyone is displayed clearly.
  • Two microphones with noise reduction - Noise reducing microphones block out any sound interference for optimum audio quality.
  • 5 metre audio pickup - It doesn't matter where abouts you are sat in the conference room, the totem microphone will be able to pick your voice up.
  • Portability - The totem is compact, lightweight and easy to move between meeting rooms as required.
  • Plug and play - Easy to use, simple plug into your computer and you’re all set.


  • Camera - Full HD : 1920 x 1080 @30fps
  • Focus - Fixed Focus
  • Microphone - Two omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction
  • Physical Control Buttons - Camera mode button (switches between 180° and 120° view angle and turns AI stage on/off)
  • Compatibility and Output Connectivity - Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebooks with USB 3.0 port (USB-C or USB-A 3.0)
  • Warranty - 2 years from the date of purchase.

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