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About us

Douglas Stewart EDU is the ideal partner for distribution into the education market. Globally we have more than 50 years of experience in the sales, marketing and distribution of products to educational resellers as well as their end-users. With offices in the US, Canada, and Europe, our commitment to superior customer service, long-term relationships and unique channel programmes for the education marketplace extends across borders.

We bring to the market a unique understanding of education: the knowledge of software vendors' educational programmes and the knowledge of the educational community, from budget cycles and the tender process, to the trends, culture and influencing bodies.

With our focused educational approach, we work with both vendors and resellers to expand their education business by reaching the right resellers and end-users with the right programmes, messaging and support.

How it all began

As manager of the University of Wisconsin Bookstore half a century ago, Douglas Stewart recognised how difficult it was for university stores to source products suited to the unique needs of students. Mr Stewart decided to fill that gap, and the Douglas Stewart Company has been proudly serving education resellers ever since.

The Douglas Stewart Company links more than 185 manufacturers with over 4,500 academic resellers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Based in Madison, Wisconsin USA and founded in 1950, The Douglas Stewart Company is a privately held business with 150 employees and a turnover in excess of $230 million for fiscal year 2007.

Why the Education Market?

The education market in Europe is large and mostly well-funded, providing both long-term revenue and growth opportunities. And beyond immediate sales, education also offers strategic benefits to companies. Current students are future professionals, the next generation of users, developers and buyers. Today's demand in education is tomorrow's supply into commercial business.

Our Values

We have long-standing relationships with both vendors and customers. We jealously guard our outstanding reputation.

We are proud of our friendliness and focus on partnerships, but we also value technological sophistication. Online access, customer history data, access to vendor marketing materials, and EDI relationships are just a few of the areas in which Douglas Stewart EDU has been a technology innovator for both customers and vendors.

We are an ethical business. We consciously strive to be fair as well as legal in all of our dealings, and grateful that we can build our business selling necessary and beneficial products that do no harm.

With a focused educational approach, proven market expertise and unparalleled track record, we will help you expand your education business by reaching the right resellers and end-users with the right programmes, messaging and support.