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The Voice Selector Study from Nuance Hearing is now approved for DSA!

The Voice Selector Study from Nuance Hearing is now approved for DSA!

The Voice Selector Study is a compact device that helps students focus and concentrate during lectures or seminars. It features a 360-degree array of directional microphones that can detect the primary sound source in the room, such as a lecturer's speech or the main speaker in a seminar. Using advanced acoustic beamforming technology, it isolates and amplifies the audio of the speaker while minimising background noise. It has now been approved for DSA by Student Finance England!


The Voice Selector Study has three different modes of use that are designed to suit different settings and environments. The Lecture mode automatically tracks the voice of the lecturer as they move around the front of the lecture theatre, covering a range of 120 degrees. The Discussion mode is ideal for group work and seminars. This mode tracks the dominant speaker through 360 degrees, making sure that they are always heard no matter where they are in the room. The Conversation mode allows the student to manually select the direction of the microphone. This is particularly useful in noisy environments or for one-to-one conversations where the student wants to listen to someone speaking in a specific direction.


The Voice Selector Study is an effortless tool that features 360-degree LED rings providing feedback to the user on the direction that the microphone is picking up when in use (blue), the current volume when the student is adjusting it (white), and the current battery level when turning the device on/off and when charging it (green).


The Voice Selector Study is aimed at assisting students with certain disabilities, including ADHD, Autism, Hearing loss, and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). For students with ADHD, the device helps improve their ability to concentrate in class, whether they are in a large lecture venue, seminar, or groupwork setting. The device works by cutting through background noise and allowing the student to focus on the speaker through two technical features: acoustic beamforming and noise reduction.


Prior to launch, a pilot study was carried out to assess the significance of the device's improvements to students with ADHD. The study found a significant improvement in lesson performance when students used the Voice Selector Study. It helped with their ability to focus attention on what was happening in lessons, overcome vocal distractions and background noises, and concentrate on the teacher’s explanations and instructions. For further information on the technology used in the Voice Selector Study, please visit We are proud to announce this device has recently been approved for DSA by student finance England.


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