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Join our inspiring speakers at DS Live 2024!

Join our inspiring speakers at DS Live 2024!

Join our inspiring speakers at DS Live 2024!


How often do you wish you could sell more technology to the education sector?  Struggling to understand what messages are currently resonating with schools?  Want to discover how assistive technology is not just a tool for SEND students, but a resource which can greatly benefit all learners? 

Get answers to all of this and more by joining our speakers at DS Live 2024.

Our engaging speaker sessions are led by Charlotte Pearson and Jodie Lopez who, driven by their own professional and personal experiences, have both made their mark the world of education; and they have an enormous wealth of knowledge to share!

Charlotte and Jodie will help resellers get a better understanding of what technology teachers really want in their classrooms, how to get sell more to schools, and the transformative power of assistive technology for all learners.





So, let us now introduce our amazing speakers!

Charlotte Pearson
Neurodiversity expert: bringing a unique perspective to the table

Charlotte Pearson

Charlotte is set to deliver an impactful speaking slot!  As a neurodivergent individual and a parent to two neurodivergent children, Charlotte’s expertise is deeply rooted in both lived and professional experience.  She is also director of The Invisible Gift, an organisation dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity and providing support for neurodivergent individuals through advocacy, awareness, inclusive education and training.

Charlotte will share her expertise, knowledge and invaluable insight on neurodiversity, helping resellers to discover the pivotal role of assistive technology in all school settings and how it is an invaluable tool for every learner.    

“I encourage all resellers to join DS Live 2024, there are some great topics being covered!  I’ll be opening up the conversation around neurodiversity, presenting it in a way that people wouldn’t necessarily think of, and championing the power of assistive technology for all learners, which for resellers ultimately unearths a further route to build revenue streams.”
Charlotte Pearson

Jodie Lopez
Edtech expert:  sharing actionable advise

Jodie Lopez

Living up to her pseudonym, The Edtech Ninja, Jodie is on the pulse with the ever-evolving world of technology in the education space.

Jodie, former award-winning primary school teacher, and edtech consultant will explore how resellers can maximise every selling opportunity.  Drawing on her own experiences, as well as her professional insight as both a former teacher and now consultant, Jodie will share the best ways to set yourself apart from the herd and make sure that you stand out in the crowded education market.

"I am delighted to be speaking at DS Live 2024. This will be a really important day for resellers and companies looking to ensure they are making the most of every opportunity regarding marketing to and selling to schools. I am looking forward to networking with like-minded people who are keen to ensure great products are getting into schools to improve teaching and learning across the sector. In my session we will explore some of the key messages which resonate with teachers and schools, and ways to ensure your marketing and sales are being heard in amongst what can be a very saturated and crowded education market. We will also explore some common mistakes made by companies and the simple changes you can make to ensure you do not fall foul of any of these!" Jodie Lopez

Delivering impactful, fresh perspectives

Hear from our expert speakers at DS Live 2024, book your FREE ticket now!

We’re very excited to invite speakers, Charlotte and Jodie, to share their unique insight with our reseller audience! Charlotte and Jodie are experts in education, and we’re totally inspired by the work they have accomplished in the sector. Don’t miss them at DS Live!” Scott Richardson, General Manager, Douglas Stewart

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Charlotte Pearson

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Jodie Lopez

Jodie Lopez X 
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We are thrilled to annouce that Dr Helen Ross will also be speaking at DS Live. She will be focusing on AT in the workplace, so make sure you come along and hear this talk!

Helen is a Special Educational Needs specialist and Dyslexia expert. She founded Helen’s Place to support young people to be their best ‘self’ through holistic intervention, focusing on building positive working relationships with all stakeholders of their education. Because she is dyslexic she understands how important these working relationships are for young people in education and their workplace. If students and happy and enjoy their lessons, they are more able to learn.


We are looking forward to having her attend DS Live.


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