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UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) backup essential equipment protecting them from any power anomalies, disturbances or complete power outages, allowing for safe shutdown and giving education facilities peace of mind.

UPS Systems

A reliable source of power plays an integral role in supporting today’s technological classrooms, empowering teachers with mass media tools and computing equipment such as interactive whiteboards and computers.

These new technologies have superseded offline models such as interactive whiteboards replacing standard whiteboards and in the future tablets may cause notebooks and pens to be somewhat obsolete. Traditional IT tooms have also been revitalised to include modern technology, however, all this new technology requires a reliable and stable source of Power.

CertaUPS is a manufacturer of single phase UPS systems, ideal for providing critical power to a school, college or university’s electrical infrastructure. They are available in a range of power outputs starting from 800VA all the way up to 10kVA and in either rackmount or tower units. The rack mountable UPS can be installed into a server rack while the tower units can be placed on the floor, under a desk or on top of a desk.

Increased reliance on digital technology means the need for a consistent and reliable source of power for schools, colleges and universities is also more important than ever before.


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