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Roundtable sessions you can’t miss at DS Live 2024!

Roundtable sessions you can’t miss at DS Live 2024!


Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever evolving edtech world at our DS Live 2024 roundtable sessions!

Come together with edtech vendors, industry specialists and other resellers in an interactive roundtable environment to share unique insight, knowledge, and experience on a selection of edtech themes.

This platform is a knowledge exchange hot spot! It’s a way to unearth new thinking and stimulate a fresh perspective on edtech in a relaxed, friendly space.

We have crafted short, snappy, and productive sessions with take-away actionable advice to help you realise new ways to sell to schools. Actively participate in our roundtable discussions and open doors to new opportunities.

Our roundtable programme is divided into four 20-minute sessions, and we will be diving into some great themes that could generate more income streams for resellers including music in education, classroom collaboration, assistive technologies, and document management.

Make sure you join us on 16th May! Take a closer look at what we will be discussing:




Roundtable 1: Music in education – raising the profile -  Sponsored by Digit Music  

  • Maximise the opportunities of selling digital music solutions to schools.
  • Learn how to help schools develop inclusive and accessible music strategies.
  • Remove the financial barriers for schools with affordable licensing, pricing, and funding.
  • Plus, much more!


Roundtable 2:  The changing face of classroom collaboration - Sponsored by KLIK

  • Advise schools on the most cost-effective solutions to deliver engaging lessons.
  • Discover how AV systems can be customised to support a range of learning styles and abilities.
  • Establish how to help schools maximise their AV investments.
  • Plus, much more!


Roundtable 3:  Assistive technology - tapping into an unrealised income stream - Sponsored by Nuance Hearing

  • Familiarise yourself with the latest assistive technologies.
  • Find out how these tools open up new income streams.
  • Raise awareness with schools about the benefits of AT for all learners.
  • Plus, much more!


Roundtable 4: Maximising the use of PDFs and Redaction to reduce costs in schools -  Sponsored by 

  • Understand why schools should be using PDFs and Redaction to drive down costs.
  • Learn how AI centred Redaction can assist with document management.
  • Help schools secure sensitive information and mitigate the risk of data breaches.
  • Plus, much more!


A huge thank you to our roundtable sponsors, Digit Music, KLIK, Nuance Hearing, and for their support, and we are looking forward to hosting some thought-provoking sessions that will ultimately add value to our reseller organisations!

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