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Andrea AC-155 Stereo Computer Headset

The Andrea AC-155 Stereo Headset is perfect for use with your computer.

It has a noise-canceling microphone, plush leather-type ear cushions, an internal wind shield, and a 7-foot cable with a single plug connector.

The headset also comes with a C-200 adapter for legacy computers with dual audio jacks.

This headset is highly recommended for use in the education market.

Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Andrea Communications Andrea AC-155 Stereo Computer Headset C1-1034800-1 710047

Product description:

The AC-155 On-Ear Stereo Headset is the ultimate audio solution designed specifically for education. These affordable yet high-quality headsets have been meticulously crafted to provide students with an immersive and comfortable audio experience, while ensuring durability and versatility. 

Key features:

  • Noise cancelling microphone with internal wind screens.
  • Heavy duty rigid boom and swivel allows for perfect mic placement
  • 40 mm speakers with deep bass sound deliver crystal clear audio
  • Plush leatherette on-ear cushions reduce background noise and are easy-to-clean and replaceable
  • Adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit on smaller heads
  • Extra long 7-foot cable with gold-plated mobile plug

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