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Lili Lamp Plus

Lili Lamp Plus
Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Lili for Life Lili Lamp Plus LP V2021_01 6810000

Product description:

The Lili lamp has been developed using a patented technology which projects a specific light flow erasing the mirror image seen by people with dyslexia. 

The lamp emits customizable flashes of light that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye. These flashes make the perception of writing more precise for a majority of people with dyslexia. Their reading thus becomes smoother, faster and less tiring.

Key features:

  • More contrasting perception of letters
  • Smoother and faster reading
  • Self-confidence, renewed motivation
  • Better understanding and concentration
  • Reduced reading fatigue
  • Facilitated writing

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