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Go-Box 16 x Chromebook Auto Enrolment Unit

Mass automate Chromebook enrollment and configuration processes on new or existing devices, 16 at a time. With U/I for quick customization, users plug in one of the 16 USB cables into the Chromebooks and Go?Box does the rest in a flash. The affordable white glove solution, perfect for 1:1.
Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Go-Box Go-Box 16 x Chromebook Auto Enrolment Unit GBC018K12 100912

Key features:

  • Automate 16 Chromebooks at a time - Running 16 Chromebooks at a time (each port operates asynchronously) helps you achieve the highest throughput.
  • No coding knowledge needed Even an IT Director’s ASSISTANT can do it! (True story!) Go-Box is so easy to work with, no technical experience necessary.
  • User interface for easy setup - Our User Interface makes setup a breeze. Watch your scripts run in real time to make sure it’s working just right.
  • Fully supported in case you get stuck - Sometimes you need a hand. We’re here Monday – Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm eastern time for technical support needs.


It has never been this easy to prepare your Chromebooks for student use both in and out of the classroom.

In the past, you only had a few options for getting Chromebooks set up for student use. You could:

  • Save time … but pay expensive fees for third-party enrollment service providers. 
  • Save money … but spend tons of time manually enrolling each device by hand.
  • Waste both time and money … tinkering with unreliable DIY hacks to automate the process.

With Go-Box, you can create your own highly efficient in-house white glove enrollment service. Save thousands in fees and weeks of manual enrollment, and save yourself the headaches of trying to create a hack solution. It doesn’t get faster or easier than Go-Box, now a Google Partner.

Why GoBox?

  • Compatible with all Chromebook Models - Go-Box Chrome can automate Chromebook enrollment on all Chromebook models including those by Acer, Asus, Dell, Hisense, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba.
  • Easily Customise Your Settings - If you have tried automating Chromebook enrollments before, you’ll love Go-Box. The Go-Box UI (click to view) allows you to watch your script run in real time to get it just right. Plus, switch between your pre-programmed settings from any browser in seconds.
  • Eliminate Expensive White Glove Fees - White glove Chromebook enrollment services can cost £5 to £10 per device. That quickly becomes very taxing, even on the biggest tech budgets. Now you can be the hero with Go-Box Chrome – perform the same white glove enrollment service on your new Chromebooks at just pennies per device.
  • The Right Tool For the Job - When building a house, professionals don’t use a screwdriver – they grab a power drill because it’s faster and easier. It’s time to graduate from home-cooked “hak” jobs and Arduinos and get Go-Box: The right tool for the job.