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Czur Aura Pro

CZUR Tech Aura Pro, 480 x 360 mm, 24 bit, Overhead scanner, Grey, TFT, 5.08 cm (2")
Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Czur Aura Pro Aura Pro 400003


  • Scannable Items - Docs, Books, Photos, Papers
  • Sensor - HD CMOS lens
  • Output Format - JPG, PDF, Word, Excel
  • Pixels - 14 Megapixels
  • Resolution - 4320*3240
  • DPI (by default) - 240
  • Scanning Range - Single sheet ≤A3; bound books ≤A4
  • Scanning Speed - 2.0 sec/page
  • Color Bit Depth - 24 bits

Product description:

The CZUR Aura Pro Book Scanner | Portable Scanner Document Camera with 14MP 180+ Languages OCR Led Table Desk Smart Lamp AI Technology for Windows & Mac

Key Features:

  • Use Case & Speed: Aura is a portable scanner with a scanning speed of 2 sec/page. Perfect choice if you need to bring it around (portable, lightweight with a battery) or for home use (stylish design, digitize your own book collections, and use it as a desk lamp).
  • Patented Book Curve Flattening Technology: Removes the curvature of books in CZUR's software. No need to flatten the page curves by hand.
  • Fast Scanning Speed+Supplemental Side Lights: Ultra-fast scanning speed from Aura’s high configuration software. Only 2sec/page for both single sheets and double page books. Able to scan any size material smaller than A3. 2 Supplemental Side Lights are included to create an enhanced light environment to avoid reflection on glossy papers.
  • Auto-Detect Page Turn and Auto Scan: Intelligent software auto-detects page turn and can trigger scan automatically for effortless scanning.The convenient foot pedal can also be used to trigger scanning, while it frees your hands.
  • High Resolution & AI Tech: CMOS 14MP (4160*3120, A4≈340 AND A3≈245 DPI) camera. Smart Paging and Auto Cropping, Combine Sides, Stamp Mode, and Multiple Color Modes.
  • Multifunctional Desk Lamp: 4 color modes for both family and office use six brightness levels. Dual color temperature LEDs prevent eye fatigue..