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Avid Pace iLok 3, JPN (9900-71209-01)

The third generation iLok is smaller, faster and can hold three times as many licenses as its predecessor. The iLok 3 is fully compatible with all software made for the second generation iLok but is much less prone to damage due to its metal casing and slim body. The iLok is a USB device that holds your licenses for iLok-enabled software. Publishers use the iLok to provide secure protection for their software to reduce pirated versions. When you run the publishers iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on your attached iLok before it will allow you to use it. iLok 3 is backward-compatible. You can move you licenses from an Original iLok or iLok 2 to your iLok 3 using Move Licenses Utility (subject to software publisher restrictions).
Vendor Vendor Product Name Vendor Part Code DS Part Code
Avid Music Avid Pace iLok 3, JPN (9900-71209-01) 99007120901 1800062